How to maintain your body at age of 65?

How to maintain your body at age of 65?

As you age your body changes accordingly slowing down metabolism and you may find it harder to lose weight. By following healthy lifestyle tips aged people can experience increased energy due to physical fitness.

Build strong will and determination

By maintaining regular exercise routine by the age of 65 you can expect better results when you age onwards towards 70’s. With strong will and determination your body also grows resilience to cope with any weaknesses. You can significantly feel energetic metabolism, social well-being and ability to cope with body changes as you move on.

Keep track of your health indicators

Keep track of your health indicators by regularly visiting physician. Important indicators include glucose, cholesterol and thyroid level. When you keep record of your health status then it is easier for physicians to identify any health problems before they can get serious it is also a necessary precaution to cope with physical body changes for both men and women 

Do exercise that fits your body

Regular exercise routine of up to 30 minutes daily is recommended for aged people. To start with you can begin brisk walk at a slow pace and then start other activities. However there are things that you need to keep in mind. Apart from walking, cycling and lifting light weights, sports related exercise are also very effective for elderly people. You may also find training programs which are specifically trained for group of adult people and include activities such as swimming and singles tennis. Don’t push your personal limitations by overdoing physical exercise. As per recent studies regular exercise reduces risk of heart stroke by up to 30%.

How to do exercise for cardiovascular diseases?

Start with stretching as a warp-up activity such as spinal muscle stretch, standing biceps muscle stretch, seated floor muscle stretch and spinal muscle stretch.

How to manage your exercise routine?

You can manage your daily exercise schedule by starting a particular workout on slow pace and gradually increasing its pace. In exercise dictionary a repetition means one full cycle of a particular workout and tempo means the period of time muscles are kept under tension. You can start with dumbbell Squats with two sets of eight to ten repetitive, dumbbell shoulder shrugs with two set of eight to ten repetitive, Cable curl with two sets of eight to ten repetitive, triceps push up and downs with two set of eight to ten repetitive. Increase your pace slowly and raise repetitive by to up to fifteen cycles.